Snow Plough

Using a Snow Plough Attachment

A snow plough attachment allows you to turn for lift truck into a mini snow plough.

When snow starts to fall, this attachment instantly converts your forklift into a snow plough allowing you to keep your car park, access roads and yard free of snow and operating.

The most important thing to remember when ploughing snow is to keep up with the snowfall rather than waiting until the snowfall ends. If you wait too long, there may be too much snow accumulation and you may find your self stuck.

Snow Plough Forklift Attachment Tips

If you do decide to plough the snow yourself using your snow plough forklift attachment, make sure you decide ahead of time where you want the snow piled up. Avoid blocking entrances to roads, buildings, or other access points. Instead, try to pile the snow in the opposite direction of any foot or vehicle traffic. Planning is the key.

Be careful when using your snow plough forklift attachment near curbs, you may not be able to see the curb under the snow and a collision could cause damage to your vehicle or to the curb itself. Similarly, use caution when ploughing near parked cars because heavy snow may push your forklift into the vehicle.

Snow Plough Forklift Attachment Basics

Remember that sooner or later the snow is going to melt. That means it’s going to need someplace to drain. Avoid piling snow on top of drains and gullies.

It’s also important that you don’t pile snow so high near the road that you block the visibility of vehicles coming into our out of your site.  Drivers will need to be able to see each other, especially in potentially hazardous winter driving conditions.

When piling snow, allow for more snowfall. Push the piles back far enough to accommodate more snow should it fall later.

Remember that ploughing snow takes time and care. Don’t try to work too fast or you could make a costly mistake. Take your time, think it through, make a plan and stick to it.


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