Lift Truck Training

“One” is the magic number

As a business that spans the UK, we know how important it is for every client to receive the same high-quality service, whether they’re in Ayrshire or Cornwall. Ensuring consistent delivery and service across numerous bases takes work and isn’t without challenges, but is crucial in safeguarding brand value and reputation.

This challenge of consistency is one that many national companies will be familiar with. A weak link can be felt across the entire business and, if not addressed quickly, can create damage to a brand that has taken years to build.

At FTT, a number of national clients that have chosen us as their preferred supplier to ensure that across branches,training requirements are being deleivered to the same standard.

Different suppliers at different branches equates to different execution of jobs and ultimately inconsistent customer experiences. We do not use subcontractor or freelancers.

But the benefits extend beyond the crucial element of consistent quality and into other core commercial areas:

  • Cost-saving – Depending on the size and shape of the contract, it may be the case that a supplier can be more competitive on costs. Working across ten sites instead of one creates an opportunity to build efficiencies.
  • Shared values –If you’ve identified a supplier that shares your vision and values, this can consistently be rolled out across all branches.
  • Strong relationships – Not only is one supplier far more efficient from a management and admin point of view, but it also makes room to form concrete working relationships. This helps build trust and means that, as the relationship grows, the supplier will better understand the business model to deliver a better service.
  • Processes and reporting –On both counts, consistency can be bred. This means that branches can be compared more easily and lessons can be highlighted and shared to build efficiencies.

At FTT, we have a comprehensive service offering, spanning lift truck to first aid training. To find out more about how we can support your business, please contact us on 08454 303 388 or 01404 41294

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