Coronavirus and First Aid Training

We have had enquiries about appropriate hygiene on first aid courses with the recent ‘COVID-19’ outbreak

The exact mechanism of how COVID-19 spreads is not yet proven. The virus is most likely spread in small droplets created when someone sneezes or coughs. These can spread up to 2 meters. If you cough on your hands, you are likely to contaminate everything you touch.

We use Laerdal Little Anne manakins on all of our First Aid Courses, all candidates use CPR Face Shields during training, these provide a high level of safety. Between learning sessions, the manakins are wiped down with Trionic Wipes.

Little Anne manikins are designed with a one-way valve in the part of the airway that sits behind the face mask. The valve redirects expired air from the manikin’s lungs out of the back of the head. This prevents contamination from the lungs coming out of the mouth towards the learner.

Once training has been completed the faces of our manakins are removed and disinfected, the airways and lungs are then replaced.