Training during Covid-19


Lift Truck training has remained a legal requirement during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have since the start of the outbreak taken measures to ensure the safety of all parties involved in training, these procedures have evolved and been updated as advice from Government and the HSE has developed.

We continue to follow the latest Government and HSE guidance to ensure courses are carried out safely.

The AITT Accrediting body has produced guidance for trainers in consultation with the HSE. This guidance is available here.

I speak to each trainer at least once a week to discuss how they are feeling and coping with the situation, physically and mentally. Our trainers are also reporting on their health daily to our office, should any of our trainers become symptomatic we will request that they isolate at home.

FTT trainers are not self employed contractors all are employees of FTT – as such all recieve sick pay and are elligable for furlough payments.

All of our trainers have been issued with additional PPE including hand sanitisers, disposable gloves, wipes, face shield and masks.This will all be replenished as needed and updated in accordance with advice.

Trainers have projection equipment to reduce the crowding around laptops to watch presentations during training.

We have procedures to ensure that any site-specific policies relating to COVID-19 are followed.

We havebeen following our COVID-19 policies since the outbreak started in tht United Kingdom,during this time we have continuedto supportthe business needs of our customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any additional information or advice.

James Clifford-Davies, Director