Counterbalance Trucks

Counterbalance forklift trucks are the most numerous type of forklift truck, and the type most people instinctively think of when thinking of a forklift. They can be used for a very wide range of applications as they can be operated indoors as well as outdoors and are used in many industries from warehousing to fabrication.

Our instructors are able to provide training in the safe use of all sizes, capacities and motive power of these trucks.

FTT trainers have a wealth of experience in different working environments, including docks, paper mills, distribution hubs and retail.

DCPC Approved Course
As a registered training provider for the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC), we are able to offer Driver CPC with our Lift Truck courses,  7 hours is available from each day of training.

We offer 7 hours of DriverCPC on day 1 of our lift truck courses for operators. Please be aware however that practical testing for refreshers (1-day course) must be carried out after the 7 hours of CPC training has concluded.

This provides a cost and time efficient way to complete the 35 hours requirement.  Please contact us for details.

BITA Groups: B1, B2, B3, B4 and J1


Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates
Rider Counterbalance Trucks
B1 up to 5000kg
B2 5001kg to 15000kg
B3 15001kg+
B4 Rider electric stand on counterbalance
J1 Rough terrain masted lift trucks
Novice 5 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced 3 Days 3 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 3 Maximum
Conversion 1 or 2 Days (dependent on truck type) 3 Maximum
Pedestrian Counterbalance
A3 Pedestrian electric fork lift truck
Novice 3 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced 1 Day 3 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 3 Maximum


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