Vacuum Lifter Training – Glass Lifter

We provide training on the safe and efficient use of Vacuum Lifters.

This course was originally designed for clients in the boat building industry,  the course has been adapted for use in other industries.

Vacuum lifters are not limited to just glass,  we have run courses lifting concrete slabs, granite and bagged products.


  • Responsibilities under current legislation
  • Operator’s safety code
  • Selection of the correct lifter to ensure stability of the load
  • Daily pre-use inspection checklist, including inspection and troubleshooting
  • Theory test and practical examination
  • Successful candidates are issued with a certificate.

The HSE has provided guidance about the safe use of vacuum lifting equipment.


Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates
Vacuum Lifter Crane Mounted Novice 1/2 Day 4 Maximum
Refresher 1/2 Day 4 Maximum


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