Permanent Lifting Magnet Training

We provide training on the safe and efficient use of Permanent Lifting Magnets.

  • Responsibilities under current legislation
  • Operator’s safety code
  • How permanent magnetic lifters operate
  • The effect of the air gap
  • The effect of material thickness
  • How to allow for different steel types
  • The effect of contact area
  • Environmental considerations (heat, humidity, etc)
  • Rules for the safe operation and use of permanent magnetic lifters
  • Effective “ in service” maintenance and inspection of permanent lifting magnets
  • Successful candidates are issued with a certificate.

The HSE has provided guidance about the safe use of magnetic lifting devices



Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates
Permanent Lifting Magnet Novice 1/2 Day 4 Maximum
Refresher 1/2 Day 4 Maximum


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