Overhead Crane

We are able to deliver training on the safe and efficient use of overhead gantry cranes. This training can be delivered throughout the UK by our team of instructors.

These courses can be delivered with AITT, ITSSAR or bespoke Accreditation.

Course Content

  • Duties and responsibilities of personnel associated with lifting operations
  • Operator safety during lifting operations in the workplace.
  • Theory of load weight estimation, sling angles safe working loads and working load limits
  • Routine lift planning procedures and documentation
  • Design and purpose of lifting accessories and overhead cranes
  • Identification and inspection of lifting accessories and equipment
  • Reporting of defects
  • Methods of marking and rating for lifting accessories and Overhead cranes
  • Pre-use inspection of Overhead crane and lifting accessories
  • Basic crane controls and movement (Loaded & unloaded, controlling load swing)
  • Practical slinging and movement of workplace loads
  • Selection of lifting accessories for multi-legged lifting operations
  • Use of hand signals and tag lining procedures for directing and controlling loads
  • Landing of loads, sling removal, correct storage and protection of lifting accessories
  • Isolation and parking of overhead travelling cranes


Crane Type Operator Experience Course Duration DelegatesPendant
Pendant/Remote Controlled Crane Novice 2 Days 4 Maximum
Experienced 1 Day 4 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 4 Maximum
Cab Controlled Crane Novice 5 Days 4 Maximum
Experienced 3 Days 4 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 4 Maximum


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