FTT becomes a CITB-Approved Training Organisation

FTT is now a Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Approved Training Organisation (ATO). This means that any business registered with the CITB can now automatically receive grants for any recognised training courses delivered by FTT. Grants start from £30 per half-day and are up to £70+Vat for the full-day courses. FTT customers just need to […]

HSE releases annual workplace fatality figures

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has released its annual figures for work-related fatal injuries for 2018/19, with agriculture, forestry and fishing and construction revealed as the most dangerous sectors for workers and falls from height are still the most likely cause of workplace fatalities. The provisional annual data for work-related fatal injuries revealed that […]

Industrial Truck Classifications

BITA Group Group A – Electric Driven A1 Pedestrian Pallet trucks; Stillage trucks: Low lift platform trucks; Low lift order pickers A2 Rider Pallet trucks; Stillage trucks: Low lift platform trucks; Low lift order pickers A3 Pedestrian Fork lift trucks A4 Pedestrian High lift platforms A5 Pedestrian Pallet stackers A6 Pedestrian Straddle trucks A7 Pedestrian […]

“One” is the magic number

Lift Truck Training

As a business that spans the UK, we know how important it is for every client to receive the same high-quality service, whether they’re in Ayrshire or Cornwall. Ensuring consistent delivery and service across numerous bases takes work and isn’t without challenges, but is crucial in safeguarding brand value and reputation. This challenge of consistency […]

Driver CPC deadline – have your drivers completed their hours?

All your professional drivers must complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years, in order to keep their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). The deadline for the second five-year block of training for drivers with acquired rights is as follows: Truck drivers: 9 September 2019 Dual category drivers (truck, bus and coach): 9 […]

Abrasive Wheel Training

We offer abrasive wheel training designed to provide operators with the skills and knowledge to safely handle, maintain and mount abrasive wheels. Relevant for those using abrasive wheels for a variety of applications, across all industry types, the course covers their compatibility with various pieces of equipment, including bench grinders, angle grinders and petrol cut […]

Driver CPC to stay despite Brexit

The UK is seemingly on the path to leave the EU, the government has made a commitment to keep the requirement of the Drivers Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC) for PCV and lorry drivers. Currently, professional drivers, with some exceptions, must pass an initial CPC test (unless they have acquired rights), valid for five years, and […]