Spill Kit Training

All companies who handle, move or store substances hazardous to health must be compliant with environmental regulations.

FTT offer a Spill Response course that is easily tailored to be relevant to your business operations giving you peace of mind that you have trained staff to deal with such an event in a safe manner and protect the environment.

This course aims to give those who may be involved in a spill situation the practical knowledge of how to deal with a spill on the work site, including how to keep your colleagues safe and protect the environment.

The course covers the following topics:

  • The actions you need to take to deal with spills
  • Increasing awareness of potential liquid spills
  • Preventing spills
  • The 3 types of sorbents
  • Effective and safe use of spill control materials
  • Awareness of current pollutions regulations.
  • Safe disposal or sorbents and awareness of how the sorbents take on the properties of the liquid cleaned up.
  • Individual responsibility and best practice.
  • The simulation of an emergency spill
Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates
Spill KIt Training  New and Refresher Delegates 3-5 hours depending upon the site 12 Maximum


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