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AITT release method statement for safe MHE training during COVID-19 outbreak

With the HSE confirming that basic MHE training courses must continue during the COVID-19 outbreak to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, the Association of Industrial Truck Trainers (AITT) have released a comprehensive method statement detailing how to train safely during this time. Produced following consultations with the HSE, the guidance explains measures training providers, employers and […]

Temporary measures to allow drivers to continue driving

Most professional lorry and bus drivers must complete 35 hours o fperiodic training every 5 years to maintain a driver qualification card (DQC). Due to the COVID-19 emergency situation it has become virtually impossible for some drivers to complete the required training. Remote training has been made available but is frankly not a viable option for many. So, after quite a delay […]

COVID-19 Lift Truck Training Guidance: Joint Statement

Following requests by AITT and RTITB, the HSE has released a full statement containing guidance on training for rider-operated lift trucks. It addresses many key concerns, including what to do if training qualifications have recently expired.   It states:   If requalification training cannot take place for reasons associated directly with coronavirus, such as closure […]

FTT Training – Safety-Critical Training (Covid-19)

In light of recent Government advice, the FTT Training is taking all necessary precautions to protect the safety of our employees and customers against Coronavirus (Covid-19) and this remains our top priority. As a result, FTT Training has made a decision to only continue with essential safety-critical training and to support key industry sectors such […]


The Health and Safety Executive have today announced that they will be offering a three-month extension to the validity of the following qualifications if the first aider to requalify because of the coronavirus: First Aid at Work Emergency First Aid at Work Paediatric First Aid Emergency Paediatric First Aid This means that a First Aider […]

Coronavirus and First Aid Training

We have had enquiries about appropriate hygiene on first aid courses with the recent ‘COVID-19’ outbreak The exact mechanism of how COVID-19 spreads is not yet proven. The virus is most likely spread in small droplets created when someone sneezes or coughs. These can spread up to 2 meters. If you cough on your hands, […]

Immunisation for First Aiders at Work

Employers are not legally obliged to immunise first aiders and the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance notes that it is not normally necessary for first aiders in the workplace to be immunised, “unless the risk assessment indicates it is appropriate”. Bear in mind that the risk of being infected with blood-borne viruses (BBV) such as […]

MEWP Categories and Explanations

Below are short descriptions of each MEWP training course category, based on the information sourced directly from AITT and ITSSAR. Ensure that before organising your course, you are receiving training in the correct category. Here are the most common MEWP categories: (1a) Static Vertical 1a Static Vertical systems are MEWPs which exclusively elevate vertically and […]