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The Health and Safety Executive have today announced that they will be offering a three-month extension to the validity of the following qualifications if the first aider to requalify because of the coronavirus: First Aid at Work Emergency First Aid at Work Paediatric First Aid Emergency Paediatric First Aid This means that a First Aider […]

Coronavirus and First Aid Training

We have had enquiries about appropriate hygiene on first aid courses with the recent ‘COVID-19’ outbreak The exact mechanism of how COVID-19 spreads is not yet proven. The virus is most likely spread in small droplets created when someone sneezes or coughs. These can spread up to 2 meters. If you cough on your hands, […]

Immunisation for First Aiders at Work

Employers are not legally obliged to immunise first aiders and the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance notes that it is not normally necessary for first aiders in the workplace to be immunised, “unless the risk assessment indicates it is appropriate”. Bear in mind that the risk of being infected with blood-borne viruses (BBV) such as […]

MEWP Categories and Explanations

Below are short descriptions of each MEWP training course category, based on the information sourced directly from AITT and ITSSAR. Ensure that before organising your course, you are receiving training in the correct category. Here are the most common MEWP categories: (1a) Static Vertical 1a Static Vertical systems are MEWPs which exclusively elevate vertically and […]

FTT becomes a CITB-Approved Training Organisation

FTT is now a Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Approved Training Organisation (ATO). This means that any business registered with the CITB can now automatically receive grants for any recognised training courses delivered by FTT. Grants start from £30 per half-day and are up to £70+Vat for the full-day courses. FTT customers just need to […]